Kurdish Migration Conference 2016: call for abstracts

May 27, 2016, Middlesex University, London, UK

Call for abstracts – Deadline: February 1st – Click here to submit

Conference Aims and Objectives

The lack of a home nation state has led to a relative invisibility of Kurdish migrants both in public and academic spheres in the settlement countries where they have been registered according to their nationality but not ethnic affiliation. As a result of this, Kurdish migrants have constantly been encompassed in national categories of their country of origin. This was also reflected in a limited public and scholarly attention on them. However, local civic and cultural activism, together with transnationalized Kurdish political mobilisation has drawn attention to the Kurds in the Diaspora. Consequently, recent years have witnessed a growing number of theoretical, conceptual and empirical works on themes related to Kurdish migration. The Kurdish Migration Conference 2016 aims to bring together researchers from multiple disciplines working on Kurdish migration to exchange and share their research findings and experiences about all aspects of migration in, from and to Kurdistan.

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